Mathematical Physics Seminar

Description: The goal of this seminar is to learn topics in the physical sciences from a mathematically rigorous perspective. We are open to purely physics discussions provided that the physical intuition is made manifest. The seminar is informal and may occasionally include group discussions rather than individual talks.

Our next upcoming talk is:

October 10, 2018

  • Title: Direct Integrals II
    Time and Location: 2:30-3:20 PM MONT 214
    Speaker: Arthur Parzygnat (University of Connecticut)
    Abstract: In the last talk, we provided motivation for the direct integral from the spectral theory of normal matrices and from solid state physics. In this talk, we will study Hilbert families and measurability structures. This talk is independent of last week’s talk so newcomers are welcome!

    References: Dixmier “Von Neumann Algebras.”

Below are links to the schedule for this semester and additional references that may be useful for some (references are also included in the schedule for each meeting).


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